Hi Everyone,

The 2020 planting season has officially begun here in Essex County.  My son, Matthew and I just finished under seeding our first fall winter wheat field with red clover on March 7th on a hard overnight freeze.  This was our first chance to do so.

If all goes well, we should have 30 inches of standing red clover cover in the fall.  We will kill it off with Dicamba and then use our Rubin 9 to incorporate 60 to 70 percent of the red clover into the soil profile.  A significant amount of dry matter is still left at the surface.  Then we’ll plan to plant corn in 2021.  If the red clover stand fails then we’ll have to seed down a mix of oats and radish seed in early September. Back to Plan A: corn seeded by late April to early May followed by soybeans finished seeding in mid-May.  Ah, one can hope!  Without hope, what else does a farmer grasp on to?

In terms of our local association, Essex Soil and Crop is still finalizing projects for the year as well as planning for our county summer meeting.  Tick Tock—spring is coming!

Brian Hyland, President ESCIA

(Brian farms with his son and father at Hylander Farms, in Essex, Ontario.  All three of the Hyland men are University of Guelph Graduates. They raise beef and veal and also grow corn, wheat and soybeans on their farm.)


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