Happy Fall Everyone! Harvest is upon us once again—a busy Ɵme of year. Please keep in mind that more farm accidents occur during the fall than at any other Ɵme of the year. Two of the major contributors to this are faƟgue and increased equipment travel on roadways. Be sure to get adequate sleep and check that your equipment has working lights and slow moving vehicle signs installed before heading out on the roads. Most importantly—WORK SAFE! Inside this edition of the newsletter, you will find the latest update on St. Clair’s Tier Two Project as well as a recap of two of our three local Twilight Tours. Planning is also underway for the December Annual meetings—stay tuned for further details on those. Be sure to check out our latest Crops & Conservation ArƟcle to learn more about what our local Conservation Authorities are doing to address climate change issues and high phosphorus levels in the Lake Erie watershed.

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