OSCIA Soil Champion


The 2018 Soil Champion is Daniel Breen from Middlesex County!


What is a Soil Champion? The award is presented annually by OSCIA and recognizes excellence in sustainable soil management and those who advocate for the cause. Sustainable soil management practices may be defined as those that:

  • Make the most efficient use of nutrients.
  • Support systems with no net loss of organic matter and soil aggregate stability.
  • Build the population and diversity of soil organisms.
  • Effectively manages surface water to support reduced tillage systems.

Who is eligible?An individual must be a resident of Ontario and/or have contributed to soil management in a way that improves soil health, and supports sustainable crop production.

You can nominate yourself or a soil advocate you know.
If you are nominating someone else, please ensure he/she is informed of your intention and is a willing participant.

Eligible practices that may be considered include:

  • Minimal use of tillage (primary tillage is not eligible).
  • Protect and enhance organic matter, soil biota and soil aggregation.
  • Efficient and careful use of nutrients.
  • Effective surface water management.
  • Windbreaks and land retirement.
  • The advancement of science and advocacy for soil care.
How can I nominate someone?
Step 1: Click “Download Form” to get the nomination form.
Step 2: Complete the nomination form. You may complete the form alone, or with the nominee. If you represent a local or regional association, ask your Regional Communication Coordinator (RCC) for help.
Step 3: Gather supporting documentation and make copies to submit with the nomination form.
Step 4: Submit the nomination form and supporting information by the November 1, 2018 deadline by

Mail: 1 Stone Road West ,1st Floor, Guelph, Ontario, N1G 4Y2
Email: avandepeer@ontariosoilcrop.org

2020 Nominations OPEN

Nominate by
November 1, 2019

For any questions, clarifications, or support please contact the OSCIA Executive Assistant at

519-826-3152 or avandepeer@ontariosoilcrop.org


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